More than 60 videos posted to date about our erected historical heritage, classical and contemporary; civic and religious.

Santiago Fajardo, practicing architect, curator and architecture Communicator, has been developing through the course of three years an audiovisual project, consisting in a series of brief videos under the title of “Paseando por Madrid” (Walking through Madrid); in which quality commentary is provided about the most relevant architecture of our capital city, both classical and contemporary.  These videos attempt to guide the citizen’s vision, to get to know the keys that allow a better understanding of architecture. Uploaded on a monthly basis to his Youtube channel and other social media, they are always welcomed with great reception and interaction, both from professionals in the field and the general audience.

This great reception has promoted the celebration of several annual cycles of round-table discussions at Roca Madrid Gallery, always counting with exceptional guests: authors, public figures and intimately linked professionals to the design and construction process of the discussed architectural works. Each of them have been individually centered on a particular building, to unveil in a paced manner some exclusive aspects about their creative process.

Architect Santiago Fajardo’s page is of an enormous value for anybody that for one reason or another is interested in getting to know –and love– our country’s architectural historical heritage.
With special emphasis on the immense educational value residing within the content of this page, which, however, doesn’t take away the expected scientific rigor from the critical considerations of an architect with such a wide experience and trajectory as Santiago Fajardo.” (N.T.’s opinion, follower on Facebook)

It is quite hard to pick in between the 60 locations that the series Paseando por Madrid has featured. This selection of 4 represents the great diversity and cultural enrichment existing in Madrid. A link to the Youtube channel is available as well, where you can watch and enjoy the complete series.

MAN_ Museo Arqueológico Nacional

Sede de Martini & Rossi

San Antonio de los Alemanes

Parque El Capricho.

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