Lover of classical music, travelling, discussions with friends and art in all its forms and manifestations; passions that describe his personality and project into his professional activity.

Throughout his professional path, SF has coordinated his work at his architecture studio with numerous participations in seminars, round table discussions, university forums and as a member of jury for several distinguished Awards.

He has been a member of Arquitectos Sin Fronteras (ASF, Architects Without Borders) a Spanish non-governmental organization created with the goal of defending the individual right to an adequate home and the city; and to cooperate in the social architecture field, with residential building projects, schools, hospitals, sanitation networks or education and formation centers.

More recently, and from a multidisciplinary perspective, he dedicates part of his time to the wide-spread communication of canonical spanish architecture; with audiovisual projects as Paseando por Madrid, conference cycles and debates about Architecture, Urbanism, and Historical Buildings, or the more recent series of interviews to Spanish Architecture Masters with audience at Roca Madrid Gallery.


“For some years now, he has been a Curator and Moderator in this interesting series of forum debates linked to the Architecture world, counting on the participation of very selected guests, with renowned representatives of the best Spanish contemporary Architecture among them”


«Paseando por Madrid» is a communicative audiovisual experiment that attempts to give exposure to the best architectural works of our capital city, providing citizens with the necessary keys for a better understanding of their worth in a condensed and brief format.  In addition to this, a cycle of round-table discussions that Roca Madrid Gallery has hosted since 2015 amplifies the information of each video, offering the interested citizen details about the best restoration works of our antique buildings.