Constant values in his work: 

Experience, accuracy, quality, economic efficiency.

Teatro Fleta

From his experience in the field of restoration of antique historical buildings, SFS acts as a consultant for promoters, offering the most harmonious and efficient adaptation of these spaces to the new purposes assigned to them, making them compatible with their architectural setup.

Likewise, from his experience in the sphere of cultural centers, concert halls and theatres, SFS has developed an extensive model library of well documented and rigorous analyses, built upon the most harmonious conjunction of capacity, spatial distribution and the best visual and acoustic relations with stage.

Santiago Fajardo Studio relies as well on the most updated information about specialized technologies, which when applied provide with great versatility for audience halls and the best operational capabilities of stages; ultimately, what this means is to multiply the possibilities of use of any scenic space.

His works develop within a very reliable economic efficiency premise that situates his projects far away from the usual economic standards in which these types of investments usually conclude in; using smart project and management strategies of extraordinary interest for private and public promoters.

As the poet claims, «…a house is born not when it is just built, but when it starts to become inhabited». That is the ultimate reason of being for Architecture.