An interview cycle dedicated to dwell not just in good architecture, but doing it through its very same authors.

An approximation – from an individual point of view- not limited only to their works but also their philosophy, personal circumstances, or their thoughts on architecture; touching fundamental aspects such as architects’ education, creative processes, changes implemented on work models, or the future of this profession.

All of them are experienced architects, with extensive professional careers and internationally recognized architectural work, and which have taught or teach in the most important and prestigious schools. They are architects educated in the great works of the twentieth century masters, which build an architecture of ideas, with the individual as the ultimate recipient. Without fixation to temporary fads or styles, but making tailored architecture instead. Or how I like to say: Haute couture architecture.

“…I thank Architecture, because it has granted me the ability to see life through its eyes”

   (Rafael Moneo, Architect, Teacher and Pritzker Award winner)


Víctor López Cotelo, José Ignacio Linazasoro, Carlos Ferrater, César Ortiz-Echagüe, Carme Pinós, Manuel Gallego Jorreto, Antonio Ortiz …

Carmen Pinós

Carlos Ferrater


Victor López Cotelo


Roca Madrid Gallery (José Abascal, 57. Madrid).

Attendance all events 120 – 200 people.