Originating from the world of visual arts, he discovers Architecture –his greatest passion–, to which he has dedicated now more than 40 years of practice; these influences are perceptible in the outlines of his works.

The work of SF is not extensive, it doesn’t add up thousands of built square meters. It is not extremely diversified, touching multiple and different themes. It is, however, a thoroughly picked work, suited to the capabilities of a hand-crafting studio with a highly perfectionistic spirit.

Santiago Fajardo, arquitecto español

SF designed and built residential and office buildings, but he soon specialized in the restoration of antique monuments and buildings of varied purposes; and in the conception and development of cultural centers and scenic spaces, both in cases of restoration of already existing models and new construction proposals.

In the first case, for the magnetic attraction that is concealed within antique buildings, and the opportunity these provide to be in touch “with time” by working on them. In the second case, for a different kind of attraction, that originates in conceptualizing an appropriate space for the dreams and magic of a scenic representation to occur in full splendor.

SF’s works are always born from a philosophy of team-work, formed from the start by suitable consultants and rigorous criteria of efficiency and sustainability (both functional and economic) for the development of projects.



“To recover, not leave to die our heritage, and equip it and tailor it to several specific needs, even to a future yet to come.”

This solid belief led him back in the day to promoting the creation of Toledo’s Restoration School, which he ran up until 1989, and having his restoration work on the modernist Longoria Palace in Madrid elevated to an award-winning status with a Honorable Mention in the Architecture and Urbanism Awards from the Council of Madrid.


He has been working for more than 10 years on the development of innovative and versatile scenic spaces; both in the field of restoration and new construction work, generating more than 20 projects with the most prestigious and experienced consultants and engineers specialized in this sector, at national and international levels. He takes into consideration the different necessities of the diverse acting factors present at scenic spaces (stage directors, audience, musicians, stage designers, etc), thriving to provide satisfaction for all of them.

“Architecture is an art that only works by order, and our work is bound to our client’s personal and economic condition; a good architect supported by a good client can do magnificent things.”